Small-scale and large-scale businesses have hopped on the video marketing trend, and people seem to be interested in it, don’t they? 

There are popular sites where people make video content; TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, however creating a YouTube channel might actually be the best option when it comes to video marketing. It has been discovered that people spend one billion hours each day watching YouTube videos.

 YouTube which is often referred to as the world’s second-largest search engine after Google, can help the right audience find your content quickly and also drive instant engagement, all it takes knows the fundamentals to create a quality video.

Here are some tips to help you build a creative channel: 

  • PROMOTE YOUR VIDEOS ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM/CHANNEL: All you have to do here is to copy your already created video link, and paste it to other social media platforms, here you would also be getting engagement from the other channels.
  • CREATE A GOOD PRESENCE: When opening a YouTube channel do well to make the channel sync with what you intend to do with it. Make it professional by branding it. Improving your organization’s social branding will help others immediately recognize your content. A good example is the gaming titan Nintendo with 8.12 million subscribers they provide great content about games and consoles that feature short videos of gameplay and behind the scene snippets.
  • CREATE GREAT CONTENT: This is the most essential part of video marketing, creating amazing content that depicts exactly what the brand is about. Contents with more engagements can be reused again, in other to incur more visitors. Contents that drive more traffic are mostly tutorial videos, the “How To” videos, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when people binge-watched 4 billion hours of tutorial videos.
  • KEYWORD USAGE:  Marketers that don’t know SEO risk missing this step to rank videos but it is crucial to include it if you want videos to get the maximum amount of viewers. 

It is essential to pick keywords related to your brand and is most likely to be searched by people in need of your brand services.

  • ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: Spend time collecting data and monitoring analytics to know what your audience prefers and know what to focus on.

According to Digital 2021: Global Overview Report, there is a significant overlap in users across social media platforms with YouTube seeing a huge engagement of over 90% amongst users of all the top channels.