What is Inbound Marketing? : Today, we have heard a lot about Inbound Marketing in digital marketing strategies and lead acquisition. Everyone already knows what traditional Marketing is, but after all, what is Inbound Marketing? Also known as Attraction Marketing, Inbound Marketing is based on creating relevant content to attract your target audience and subsequently turn them into customers.

Unlike traditional marketing (Outbound Marketing), where we offer a product or service to the public, Inbound Marketing meets needs, offers solutions, and opens up the possibility of dialoging and relating with your target audience. Every day someone is searching for a solution to a problem on Google. 

There are 100 billion monthly searches. You probably have a solution related to your product or service that can help your target audience. Is there a better way to welcome a potential customer than

by helping them with a problem? In addition to creating a healthy relationship, your brand becomes seen as an authority on a certain subject.

Inbound Marketing is profitable –  What is Inbound Marketing?

Thinking about the Sales Funnel, Inbound Marketing is an incredible resource for the top of the funnel, as relevant content is essential for attracting leads and creating a segmented database for your company.

Cool, it gave you a little understanding of what Inbound Marketing is . And now, how do I put it into practice?

The main ways to explore Inbound Marketing and attract your audience are through a blog, social networks, E-Books, Landing Pages, or Videos. The most common, and which I believe to be the most efficient, is to create content through a corporate blog, and work in other ways as content aggregators.

Your company can have a blog full of content, produce e-books, and offer content on social media, landing pages, and videos. It all depends on your strategy.

I’ve put together some important tips that you should consider when working with Inbound Marketing in your company :

• Create relevant content

Due to the popularization of Inbound Marketing, today it is possible to find a lot of content on the internet, on the most diverse subjects. Not all of them stand out and solve the pain of those who read them. Therefore, to not be just another person creating irrelevant content, dedicate yourself to creating good content. This takes time, but the result is rewarding.

• Think of attractive titles

A person will only feel interested in reading your content if the title is attractive. Think of a cool title that captivates the person, and of course, has a direct relationship with the content.

• Consider SEO

Google is the main source of traffic for Inbound Marketing. Considering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques in your content is essential to rank your page among the main search results and, therefore, be found more easily by the greatest number of people.

• Register your leads

Create options for registering leads in your content. If you are using a blog, insert an option somewhere for people to register and receive more content. If you are working with an e-book, don’t give it away for free, create a form for the person to provide their email to receive your content. This way you can feed your database.

• Explore social networks

Share your content on social media, or even use social media as a content creation platform. People use social networks to consume content, encourage discussions, and interact.

It is important to remember that Inbound Marketing does not cancel out, much less compete with, traditional Marketing. It is advisable to use both in a complementary way and work Inbound Marketing as a tool within your digital marketing strategy.

Do you explore Inbound Marketing in your company? Share your results and challenges with us.

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