What is a landing page? If you haven’t heard of it yet, this article is for you. This feature has become quite common in digital marketing and web development, and you may be wondering: after all, what is a landing page?

A landing page is nothing more than a conversion page, with the sole intention of converting the visitor into a lead. For this to happen, something is usually offered in return, such as an e-book, a free sample, or a lecture, in short, something linked to your service.

In short, it consists of distributing information about the product offered, for example, an e-book, and a form to capture visitor information (name, email, company, etc.) and transform it into a lead.

lead may seem like just another contact in your mailing list, however, it is much more important than that. In a sales funnel, for example, we can follow the lead’s path to sales conversion, that is, to the point where they finally buy from you.

Lead is a potential customer. If there was a conversion on your landing page, it means that they are interested in your product, and now you need to convince them to make the purchase.

The main way for you to capture the lead is by exploring your “call-to-action”, which is a button for action. your landing page only exists because of that button.

What is a landing page? Call-To-Action on your landing page.

You know that famous killer number 9, who makes the team play according to him and who solves things with the ball at his feet? Call-to-action is the top scorer on the landing page team. Not every number 9 has this characteristic, but a good number 9 does. And your call-to-action has to be killer because your landing page is playing to it.

The visitor filled out the form and clicked on the call-to-action, IT’S GOAL!

Your landing page only goes on the field if it’s going to win by a landslide! That’s why it has to be very well structured.

Offer something in return

This is the most common practice of a landing page. In fact, you will hardly get a lead if you don’t offer something in return.

The E-book is one of the most common items offered on a landing page. It is the most common because it works. The E-book provides content and knowledge and is linked to the service you offer. Therefore, your brand offers relevant content to a potential consumer, and in exchange for this, they provide you with their contact details, opening the doors for interaction.

Pay attention to the content of your e-book, it has to be really interesting and propose something new. Doing something that everyone is already doing, providing shallow content that adds nothing to your lead will not bring you good results.

Just because you have a lead doesn’t mean you can send him boring newsletters every day. Eventually, he gets tired and leaves your list.

Did you know?

Landing in free translation means “to land”, that is, a landing page is a page for the visitor to land, and from there take action. It’s up to you to induce the call to action.

Here at Afrikbrand we work with Digital Marketing and use the landing page in some strategies and campaigns to capture leads.

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