The website is a very important communication tool for companies of all brands and sizes. In addition to strengthening communication with customers, it plays a central role in digital marketing strategies. Hence, it is crucial that you consider hiring a website development agency .

This choice, however, must be made consciously, analyzing the differentials that the company offers, the level of knowledge and the results already achieved with other clients.

Why invest in a website development agency?

Investing in creating a website through an agency brings a number of benefits, such as:

  • guarantee of a responsive design (that is, it will work effectively across all device);
  • it is certain that your website will offer the best browsing experience for your customers and other users;
  • possibility of linking the site to different digital marketing strategies , improving sales and strengthening your brand;
  • possibility of joining other services, such as brand development and branding ;
  • integrated communication , with adequate design in all its forms of communication (website, social networks, e-mail, etc.);
  • use of SEO techniques , ensuring the best placements on Google for relevant keywords in your industry;
  • use of copywriting and content marketing techniques , presenting your products and services in a differentiated way to your audience, with sales-oriented CTAs;
  • integration with other platforms such as Google My Business, Google Maps and even with the possibility of including conversation robots or online scheduling systems, depending on your sector;
  • ability to monitor metrics such as number of accesses, location of people accessing your website, pages that are visited the most, among others, essential for the development of good digital marketing strategies;
  • layout suitable for navigation and intuitive , making it easier for the user to identify the information they need, understand the services and products that your company sells and get in touch with your business, improving sales results;
  • technical choices suited to the profile of your business. For example, if you are thinking of setting up an e-commerce, the agency will set up the system and choose the best server, preventing your site from going down if it receives too many hits.

In addition to all these points, a professional website, of course, conveys an image of seriousness, trust and professionalism to users , who trust your business more. All these points help to improve your sales and brand authority.

How to choose the website development agency?

Are you already convinced that hiring a website development agency is the best way to guarantee a professional website that helps to better position your brand and sell more? So check out the points to evaluate before making this hire.

Agency Website

Start your analysis by checking out what the agency’s own website looks like . After all, if she can’t create a suitable website for herself – how can she offer that service to other clients?

Evaluate if the site works correctly when accessed from a cell phone, if it takes a long time to load, how the information is arranged, if all the links work correctly, if it is easy to find the contact forms and the data they need and if your experience navigation is adequate (with a font in a comfortable size for reading, good choice of colors, concise and objective texts, etc.)


One of the most important points when evaluating a website design agency is to understand their experience. Agencies with years of experience are used to creating different websites, for different demands – and with concise results . So, analyze how long the agency has been in the market, what types of services it offers, the markets it operates in, the experience of other clients with it, etc.


A serious and experienced agency will certainly have successful cases that attest to its credibility and the quality of the services provided . This information can usually be found on the company’s own website. Evaluate which sectors these successful cases are from, which additional services were offered, how long the return occurred, what was the investment and other essential questions. If possible, look for successful cases in the same area that your company operates.

Knowledge of your industry

Many industries are quite specific – and a good job will require in-depth knowledge of the agency in question. Therefore, if she already has clients in the same segment as yours , the chances of success will be greater, because she is already used to dealing with the details of your area and with the public you want to attract.

multidisciplinary team

When creating a website, it is necessary for professionals from different areas to work together.

The designer will create the visual part and the layout, the journalist or copywriter will produce all the written content of your website, the programmer will make the website work and the UX will ensure that the user experience will be the best possible, in addition to the specialist in SEO that will ensure that your site ranks well on Google for the main keywords in your industry. Therefore, it is important that the agency has a multiple team, with different specialists who will contribute to your company’s website having the best possible result.

Service package

Although having a professional website is extremely important, it alone is not synonymous with increased sales, lead capture or promising results. To stand out, it is essential to develop differentiated digital marketing strategies, according to your company’s objectives and characteristics of your audience. Therefore, some agencies offer service packages, with the creation of the website and the development of different digital marketing strategies. Talk about this possibility to understand what the agency proposes for your goals and evaluate the ROI of each of these actions , that is, the return on investment.

Opinion from other customers

Finally, before closing the deal, try to get in touch with other clients served by the agency to assess their opinion and experience . If possible, try to contact businesses in the same industry as yours. Evaluate the interaction with the agency, the results brought by the site and strategies, the competence of the team and the general satisfaction with the service provided.

How much does it cost to create a website?

Note that, when we indicate the points to be analyzed when hiring a website development agency, we never include a reference to prices. Not because the value of the service is not important, but because it is essential to assess the cost-benefit of the service.

Both website creation and digital marketing strategies should not be seen as costs for your business, but investments. After all, based on these actions, you will be able to sell more, capture more customers and promote your brand more widely and concisely, conveying professionalism, security and authority.

Thus, skimping on the choice of agency may jeopardize the credibility of your business – and even your sales potential . If you really want the website to be a strategic tool in your business, it is very important to evaluate the cost-benefit of this investment.

Create a website with Afrikbrand

Afrikbrand agency specializes in website development, with extensive experience, serving clients from various sectors. The basis of our work is transparency and trust.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves to each project, evaluating the peculiarities of the clients and the niches in which they operate. In addition to website development, we work with several other services , offering a complete strategy for your company , such as: branding and brand development, digital marketing and video production.

We have successful cases in several areas, such as real estate, hospitality, education, technology and many others.
Now you know how to choose a website development agency? Come talk to our experts and find out how Africkbrand can help you.