The office would, in a perfect world, be a calm place where you could complete your best work, but in practice, it is more like a maze of distractions. Threatening to hinder your productivity are intrusions such as chatty coworkers and email notifications.

We suffer the consequences of lost time each time we become sidetracked. It takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to the activity, claims Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, Irvine who specializes in interruptions.

How then can we prevent disruptions and improve time management? We’ll go over 5 strategies for staying focused at work and avoiding distractions below:

  • Work With Focused Individuals: If possible, surround yourself with the most productive coworkers since focus can spread easily. Working or sitting next to someone who buckles down can not only encourage you to do the same but also reduce the likelihood of needless interruptions.
  •  Divide Jobs Into Manageable Pieces: Large jobs may seem intimidating, making us more receptive to distractions and lowering our productivity. The end result is more attainable if you divide a project up into smaller, quicker chores. Since smaller activities are typically simpler to do, you’re more likely to stay motivated to complete each mini-task. 
  • Set limits With Coworkers Who Often interrupt: If you share a workspace with someone who is often distracted, try establishing some ground rules so they understand when you need to focus on the job at hand. Someone can be respectfully informed that you need to complete a specific duty without offending them.  Inform them that you’ll be there to address their query in a little while.
  • Avoid Becoming Distracted Online: Consider investing in one of the available distraction-free apps, such as Anti-Social or Concentrate, if you find it impossible to avoid social media or your preferred blog. For predetermined amounts of time, this will prevent you from visiting certain websites. 
  • Make Time For Rest Periods: It may seem contradictory to recommend regular pauses, but these are crucial to give your brain a break, include social time in your day, and re-energise and motivate yourself for the next job on your list. 

With these, you may be more productive at work, which is what every employee strives for.

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