Meaning of colors in Digital Marketing: Did you know that the meaning of colors can influence the way consumers interpret your brand, define your product, and consequently influence the performance of your digital marketing campaign?

This happens because each color carries a meaning, which in most cases provides a sensation for the consumer and generates a feeling about the brand.

Furthermore, colors also influence public behavior. The correct choice of colors is capable of encouraging and directing the customer to carry out a certain action.

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In the branding process, the meaning of colors is fundamental, and this is nothing new. However, in digital marketing campaigns, choosing the correct colors makes all the difference in performance, and helps increase your campaign’s traffic and conversions.

green buy button, for example, increases the conversion rate more than a gray button. This happens because we assimilate the color green with the idea of ​​moving forward and positive. Green is the color of the “accept” button on the credit card machine, it is the color of the button that accepts a call, at traffic lights green is the signal to proceed, and even when choosing a candidate to (in theory) represent us, press the green button to confirm.

The green purchase button increases the number of conversions.

On the other hand, the red color on a button represents a negative. It’s almost impossible for a red button to represent agreement with something.

With that in mind, let’s address the meaning of colors in digital marketing , and how it can help your campaigns deliver better results.

Meaning of colors in digital marketing

Colors, as well as design, icons, images and typography, are fundamental representatives in our language, especially in material used in digital marketing campaigns . They represent the value of a brand and awaken sensations and emotions in the consumer.

It is not an exact science. A color can have several different meanings, and the combination of colors with other elements generates value for your campaign.

How to identify the ideal colors for your marketing campaign?

Research the behavior and actions of your target audience and identify which colors have the most affinity with these attitudes. This way, your brand presents itself in a more harmonious and familiar way for your consumer.

Respect the personality and values ​​of your brand’s visual identity. You can create discomfort if you work with a color that has no relationship with the company’s history and identity , no matter how much that color represents your objective. It is worth remembering that colors can have different meanings. Red can represent love and hate, for example.

Always try to work in a context between color and other elements, especially icons. Black represents luxury, for example. But a black heart won’t give you that feeling. It is more likely to be interpreted as mourning.

Always remember that color is crucial to the first impression your consumer will have about your marketing campaign.

The meaning of each color:

Meaning of the color red :

Meaning of the color red in Digital Marketing :

We can say that the color red is the most symbolic in marketing, as it stands out by nature.

At the same time as it represents love and passion, it also generates a sense of urgency and alertness. Note that warning signs are almost always red.

In the gastronomic segment, red is also quite common, as it is related to hunger. The main fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King always explore the color red in their identity.

In marketing, the color red is widely used in promotions and offers due to its sense of urgency. Be careful: its excessive use can cause a feeling of disapproval with the customer since red is also associated with the function of canceling something.

Representations of the color red: Love, passion, seduction, excitement, desire, alert, danger, war, blood, heat.

Meaning of the color blue :

Meaning of the color blue in Digital Marketing :

Unlike red, the color blue is not at all friendly to the gastronomic segment, as it gives the impression of reducing the appetite.

On the other hand, in the corporate environment, blue is an excellent color. It represents power, trust, and security and according to some research, it contributes to the creativity of the environment.

Lighter shades of blue are generally associated with hygiene and cleanliness, as they resemble the purity of water.

Representations of the color blue: Trust, loyalty, security, credibility, stability, technology, purity, calm, clarity.

Meaning of the color green :

Meaning of the color green in Digital Marketing :

The color green is associated with nature and the environment, and this is directly related to the feeling of balance and lightness that this color represents.

Furthermore, shades of green represent health, freshness, and purity. Lighter tones, like blue, are associated with hygiene. When it comes to a corporate environment, green gives the feeling of balance and harmony in the environment.

The color green has an association with the act of approval, just like at a traffic light, in marketing the color green encourages the customer to move forward.

Green is often used in purchase and CTA buttons due to this association. Buttons for answering a call, confirming a credit card, and even a vote are green, and this feeling of approval has already become associated with the color green.

Representations of the color green: Environment, nature, purity, freshness, balance, health, positive, confirmation, moving forward.

Meaning of the color yellow :

Meaning of the color yellow in Digital Marketing

Yellow is the color of the sun, so it represents light, luminosity, and hope.

It is considered a welcoming and optimistic color, however, it is a strong color, and its predominance can cause discomfort.

Just like red, it is a color that also stimulates the appetite, which is why we see the frequent use of yellow in the gastronomic segment.

Yellow is also a good option for highlighting elements in marketing, because it is a strong and vivid color, and at the same time it is not so aggressive.

Representation of the color yellow: Light, joy, happiness, optimism, hope, heat, summer.

Meaning of the color orange :

Meaning of the color orange in Digital Marketing

Orange is a secondary color, formed by the fusion of yellow and red. Its meaning is no different, it is basically a mixture of these colors.

This is the color that most represents energy, as well as luminosity, warmth, and positivity. Orange is a color that stands out easily. When used well, it can help a lot in marketing campaigns.

Representation of the color orange : Energy, heat, positivity, balance, luminosity.

Meaning of the color purple :

Meaning of the color purple in digital marketing

Purple or violet, as it is also known, is historically associated with the color of royalty.

Shades of purple represent well-being and health, as well as a relationship with spirituality.

Many brands related to aesthetics and health use shades of purple in their visual identity and campaign materials.

Representation of the color purple/violet: Nobility, royalty, spirituality, health, well-being

Meaning of the color brown :

Meaning of the color brown in Digital Marketing

Brown represents the color of earth and wood, which is why it is associated with nature, healthy eating, and organic and natural products, as well as green.

In gastronomy, brown represents two great national passions: coffee and chocolate. This tone is often used in this segment, especially when the objective is to be more sober, a different sensation than red, for example.

Brown tones also represent security, responsibility, and stability. On the other hand, it can represent dirt in some aspects.

Representation of the color brown: Nature, organic, safety, responsibility, sobriety, and dirt.

Meaning of the color black :

Meaning of the color black in Digital Marketing

The color black is a wild card. A mysterious tone is full of representations, ranging from death, loneliness, and mourning to elegance, power, and luxury.

Symbolized by many as the absence of light and even the absence of color and life, black used in excess can overload your campaign, as well as make it difficult to read.

It is a recommended color for use in icons, typography, and details of your art.

The combination of the black tone with brighter colors like yellow and orange makes this connotation of sadness give way to a happier, brighter, and full-of light-feeling. It’s an elegant combination.

Representation of the color black: Luxury, elegance, power, loneliness, death, mourning, sadness, depression, darkness, bad luck.

Meaning of the color white

Meaning of the color white in Digital Marketing

White is considered the color of peace, as it conveys a feeling of tranquility, innocence and positivity. Because it has this air of purity, excessive white may not make an impact, and depending on the objective, shades of white may hinder more than help.

White is a spiritual and enlightening color. Opposite of black, it gives an idea of ​​greater space, however its excessive use causes an inhospitable impression of emptiness.

The ideal is to combine the color white with brighter colors such as red, blue and green, for example, as in addition to contributing to reading, it enhances and illuminates the positive aspects of these colors.

Representation of the color white: Peace, spirituality, purity, hygiene, innocence, emptiness, light.

Tip 1: Despite all the meanings of colors in digital marketing mentioned above, a crucial point for choosing the ideal colors for both your marketing campaign and your brand’s visual identity is to follow your intuition, harmony, and the feeling that the color raisin. Theory is important, but it is one of the pillars – perhaps the most important, but not the only one – in the creation process.

Tip 2: Take tests. No matter how many times you go back and choose the first color, make some variations, test other colors and new ideas. Perhaps a sensation that you were not expecting may appear during these tests and surprise you.

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