Integrated branding is the strategic use of all branding elements or variables such as logo, websites, advertising, print media, product packaging and design and other variables to create a brand feeling and make customers associate that feeling with the company values.

Integrated branding has become an ethical framework in which modern companies adopt to ensure branding is effective. Companies consider the following to ensure that brand strategy is Integrated.

Crafting your Message: Here your message includes or could be your logo, your designs, your contents or any activity that makes up your storytelling. The message should be branded. You can also try submitting content to other websites and social media platforms. Another effective way to encourage brand integration without being too blatant is by providing useful, value-adding information that might not be exactly about your brand but is directly related to it. Just as the Atlantic Airlines in the passage.

Set Goals: Understand the company branding strategy, set goals and core values. That you can indirectly represent in your brand integration strategies. While goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound), most importantly they should be shared.

Understand your audience: Good knowledge about your audience is a great way to create a brand strategy. Understand how the audience behaves, understand the audience’s social engagement behavior, also understand the audience in various segments. Create buyer personas to help you understand how your audience thinks and the brands they’re currently using. It should also give you some insight into their goals, challenges, and other crucial information. This will help you mold a better campaign that suits them better.

Selection of Channel: Selection of channel is very important as an integral branding strategy. There are a lot of channels to select from, you must select the most relevant ones to your audience and your goals by understanding where your audience are and where they want to be.

Measuring Success: Because the main goal of storytelling is to evoke emotion, metrics should be short and simple: consumption and engagement will probably be the top ones to consider. Your brand story has now become a catalyst to culture activation, as it is serving to articulate the brand values, align strategies and processes, and connect people internally. It is always better to first measure Integrated branding results as a customer not as a manager or campaign manager; that is also how you can get a customer perception of your brand.

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