Adam Barone sees marketing strategy as a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides.

It becomes easier to design a customer-centric marketing strategy hence you understand your consumers and the marketplace. Your long term concern is how to choose target markets and build profitable relationships with them. To design a winning strategy, You must consider these three factors

  1. What market do I serve?
  2. What is my Competitors Marketing Strategy and
  3. How can I serve these customers the best?

What Market do I serve? (segmentation)

One of the most important decisions a marketer can make is to define the target market. Who do you serve? Hence you know that you cannot take on the entire broad market successfully. It will be a waste of resources trying to serve the entire market, just understand your potential customers, they are your target market.

Understanding your competitors’ current marketing strategy is also a key to developing disruptive customer-driven strategy. While evaluating your competitors’ performance, consider analysing their marketing approach towards giving value to their customer. Understand customer Communication/relationship marketing activities. This will give you insight into designing a disruptive customer-driven marketing strategy.

How do I serve my customers best? (choosing a value proposition)

After successfully selecting and understanding the target market, differentiate and position your product/Service in the marketplace. Your value propositions differentiate your company’s product/service from your competitors and they answer the Customer’s question of “why should I buy your brand rather than a competitor’s?

I always advise businesses to design their value propositions strongly to gain the greatest competitive advantage in the target market. Customers buy added value products over a just product. #marketing #Afrikbrand