• MIRA’S MIX is a combination of Shea butter, honey and a sweet fragrance. I virtually use it every day, I use it as my lip gloss, hair cream, face cream, and my body cream as well, I don’t need to put on perfume after rubbing Mira’s Mix. It has a sweet smell, that would actually make you crave a lollipop, it’s that sweet, I haven’t tried licking it though. Having used it for seven months now, it has been wonderful. I have dark skin, and it has been lovely on it, my lips do not crack anymore, and my thick afro hair, is super kinky and soft too. I randomly came across it at a hair salon, I loved the smell when the stylist applied it to each line she made on my hair, I ordered just a small pack that day, and after I used that up, I always called for another before the last one finishes. Mira’s Mix is like having to kill two birds with one stone, as I have a hair cream, a lip gloss, face cream and body cream all in one, and at a regular price, why wouldn’t I apply it every? Since I bought it at the saloon I have never gone a day without it, the sweet scent is very alluring, even when it skips my mind, the sweet scent in my room reminds me and instantly rings a bell in my head of Mira’s Mix. Maria’s is a product I don’t plan to give up on any time soon, as long as the manufacturers keep manufacturing, I’ll keep buying, and I am bold to say that no matter the price it triggers too, hopefully, it doesn’t, I would want to buy it. I wouldn’t want to go a day without using it, and i am not planning on leaving Mira’s Mix anytime soon.